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Already hailed by audiences and critics as one of the finest chamber choirs in the world, Laudibus has existed for just a few years. The secret of the unique blend and flexibility of this dynamic young ensemble is the fact that everyone of its twenty-two members is selected by audition from the 130-strong National Youth Choir, and brings to its singing the skills of listening and adaptation which come from many hours of intensive rehearsal together.

Laudibus has quickly acquired a reputation for the breadth of its programming and its willingness to tackle difficult new works, and has also given several world premieres including the music of Gavin Bryars, Giles Swayne and Richard Allain.

In the Tolosa International Choral Contest 1998, in the section for amateur and professional vocal ensembles up to sixteen voices, Laudibus were winners with 95%. Additionally the choir scored the highest marks of all the 36 choirs which entered the contest.

'All in the April Evening' (CDH55243)
All in the April Evening
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
All creatures now (Bennet)
All in the April evening (Roberton)
All through the night (Anon/Roberton)
An Eriskay Love Lilt (Anon/Roberton)
As torrents in summer  Song from Scenes from the Saga of King Olaf, Op 30 (Elgar)
Ave verum corpus (Byrd)
Ca' the yowes (Anon/Vaughan Williams)
Can ye no' hush yer weepin', O?  First line to Dream Angus (Anon/Roberton)
Corpus Christi (Warlock)
Crimond (Irvine/Grant/Ross)
Dream Angus (Anon/Roberton)
Drink to me only with thine eyes (Anon/Roberton)
Fare you well, my dear, I must be gone  First line to The turtle dove (Anon/Vaughan Williams)
Full fathom five  No 1 of Three Shakespeare Songs (Vaughan Williams)
Fyer! Fyer! (Morley)
Lully, lullay – The faucon hath borne my make away  First line to Corpus Christi (Warlock)
My Love Dwelt in a Northern Land, Op 18 No 3 (Elgar)
Never weather-beaten sail  No 3 of Songs of Farewell (Parry)
No star is o'er the lake  First line to The long day closes (Sullivan)
O can ye sew cushions? (Anon/Bantock)
Over hill, over dale  No 3 of Three Shakespeare Songs (Vaughan Williams)
Scenes from the Saga of King Olaf, Op 30 (Elgar)
Songs of Farewell (Parry)
The Banks o' Doon (Anon/Roberton)
The blue bird, Op 119 No 3 (Stanford)
The cloud-capp'd towers  No 2 of Three Shakespeare Songs (Vaughan Williams)
The lake lay blue below the hill  First line to The blue bird, Op 119 No 3 (Stanford)
The long day closes (Sullivan)
The Lord's my shepherd  First line to Crimond (Irvine/Grant/Ross)
The turtle dove (Anon/Vaughan Williams)
The wee cooper o' Fife (Anon/Roberton)
There was a wee copper wha lived in Fife  First line to The wee cooper o' Fife (Anon/Roberton)
Three Shakespeare Songs (Vaughan Williams)
Vair me o rovan o – When I'm lonely dear white heart  First line to An Eriskay Love Lilt (Anon/Roberton)
While the moon her watch is keeping  First line to All through the night (Anon/Roberton)
Wi' a hundred pipers (Anon/Mansfield)
Ye banks and braes o' bonnie Doon  First line to The Banks o' Doon (Anon/Roberton)
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