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Frances Henderson (soprano)

'Burgon: Choral Music' (CDH55421)
Burgon: Choral Music
MP3 £4.99FLAC £4.99ALAC £4.99Buy by post £5.50 CDH55421  Helios (Hyperion's budget label)  
'Dreamland' (HYP41)
MP3 £4.50FLAC £4.50ALAC £4.50Buy by post £4.50 HYP41  Super-budget price sampler  
Complete works available for download
GEOFFREY BURGON  (1941-2010)
Nunc dimittis, 1997 version with Catherine Hart (soprano), Wells Cathedral Choir, Matthew Owens (conductor)
Short Mass with Wells Cathedral Choir, Matthew Owens (conductor)
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Christ's Love (Burgon)
Come my swete, come my flower  First line to The Assumption, No 1 of Christ's Love (Burgon)
Nunc dimittis, 1997 version (Burgon)
Short Mass (Burgon)
The Assumption  No 1 of Christ's Love (Burgon)
The Corpus Christi Carol  No 2 of Christ's Love (Burgon)
The faucon hath born my mak away  First line to The Corpus Christi Carol, No 2 of Christ's Love (Burgon)
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