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Cooper, Gary (piano)
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Gary Cooper (piano)

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Gary Cooper is one of the foremost ambassadors of the harpsichord and fortepiano—in particular, as an interpreter of Bach and Beethoven’s music—and of period performance in general. Along with countless performances worldwide he has made many recordings for TV, radio and CD, including an award-winning CD of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier. His diverse recital repertoire ranges from the music of the Elizabethan Virginalists to the harpsichord music of Bach and Scarlatti, from Mozart’s piano sonatas to the music of Dussek, Clementi, Beethoven and Mendelssohn.

Adding to an extensive discography, solo recording projects with Channel Classics include Bach’s complete solo Keyboard Concertos and the Goldberg Variations, Mozart’s and Haydn’s Piano Variations, and Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations and the late bagatelles, all on historic keyboards of the period. He recently recorded C P E Bach Concertos and Haydn Symphonies with the Canadian ensemble, Arion, and Avison’s keyboard quartets, with The Avison Ensemble..

The duo partnership of Gary Cooper and Rachel Podger has taken them worldwide. Their recordings with Channel Classics of Mozart’s Complete Sonatas for Keyboard & Violin have received countless awards and accolades, including multiple Diapason d’Or awards and Gramophone Editor’s Choices, and hailed as ‘benchmark’ recordings. The duo’s concert & recording focus now extends to Beethoven, following performances at London’s Wigmore Hall.

Gary is also an established conductor, having worked with many ensembles, most recently the Akademie für Alte Musik in Berlin, the Holland Baroque Society, the Irish Baroque Orchestra, and Ensemble Cordia in Italy; he also performs regularly in North America where he directs the leading Canadian period instrument ensemble, Arion, in Montreal. Gary is an artistic director of the exciting Belgian period instrument ensemble, B’Rock, directing orchestral and opera productions and recordings. Last year, Gary appeared at many major festivals such as the Flanders Festival, the Bruges, Utrecht, Potsdam and Innsbruck Early Music Festivals, and throughout the UK.

Gary currently teaches harpsichord & fortepiano at the Royal Academy of Music, York University and the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, is Visiting Professor of Fortepiano at the Royal College of Music, and regularly holds master classes at other teaching institutions such as McGill University in Montreal, as well as involving himself in summer courses, such as at the Accademia in Brunico, Italy. Gary is also studying to be a Reiki healer.

'Rossini: Petite Messe solennelle' (CDA67570)
Rossini: Petite Messe solennelle
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'Schubert: Winterreise' (CKD371)
Schubert: Winterreise
CKD371  Download only  
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Am Brunnen vor dem Tore  First line to Der Lindenbaum, No 5 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Auf dem Flusse  No 7 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Auf einen Totenacker  First line to Das Wirtshaus, No 21 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Das Wirtshaus  No 21 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Der du so lustig rauschtest  First line to Auf dem Flusse, No 7 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Der greise Kopf  No 14 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Der Leiermann  No 24 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Der Lindenbaum  No 5 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Der Reif hat einen weissen Schein  First line to Der greise Kopf, No 14 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Der stürmische Morgen  No 18 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Der Wegweiser  No 20 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Der Wind spielt mit der Wetterfahne  First line to Die Wetterfahne, No 2 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Die Krähe  No 15 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Die Nebensonnen  No 23 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Die Post  No 13 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Die Wetterfahne  No 2 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Drei Sonnen sah ich am Himmel stehn  First line to Die Nebensonnen, No 23 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Drüben hinter’m Dorfe  First line to Der Leiermann, No 24 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Ein Licht tanzt freundlich vor mir her  First line to Täuschung, No 19 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Eine Krähe war mit mir  First line to Die Krähe, No 15 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Einsamkeit  No 12 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Erstarrung  No 4 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Es bellen die Hunde, es rasseln die Ketten  First line to Im Dorfe, No 17 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Es brennt mir unter beiden Sohlen  First line to Rückblick, No 8 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Fliegt der Schnee mir in’s Gesicht  First line to Mut!, No 22 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Fremd bin ich eingezogen  First line to Gute Nacht, No 1 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Frühlingstraum  No 11 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Gefrorne Tränen  No 3 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Gefrorne Tropfen fallen  First line to Gefrorne Tränen, No 3 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Gute Nacht  No 1 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Hie und da ist an den Bäumen  First line to Letzte Hoffnung, No 16 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Ich such’ im Schnee vergebens  First line to Erstarrung, No 4 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Ich träumte von bunten Blumen  First line to Frühlingstraum, No 11 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Im Dorfe  No 17 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
In die tiefsten Felsengründe  First line to Irrlicht, No 9 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Irrlicht  No 9 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Letzte Hoffnung  No 16 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Manche Trän’ aus meinen Augen  First line to Wasserflut, No 6 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Mut!  No 22 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Nun merk’ ich erst, wie müd’ ich bin  First line to Rast, No 10 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
O salutaris hostia  Movement 7 of Petite messe solennelle (Rossini)
Petite messe solennelle (Rossini)
Rast  No 10 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Rückblick  No 8 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Täuschung  No 19 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Von der Strasse her ein Posthorn klingt  First line to Die Post, No 13 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Was vermeid’ ich denn die Wege  First line to Der Wegweiser, No 20 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Wasserflut  No 6 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Wie eine trübe Wolke  First line to Einsamkeit, No 12 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Wie hat der Sturm zerrissen  First line to Der stürmische Morgen, No 18 of Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
Winterreise, D911 (Schubert)
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