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Moroney, Davitt (muselar)
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Davitt Moroney (muselar)

see also Davitt Moroney (harpsichord)

see also Davitt Moroney (organ)

see also Davitt Moroney (clavichord)

Davitt Moroney’s career has taken him all over Europe and America as well as to Australia and Japan. His recordings have received various international prizes, notably two Gramophone Awards and a Grand Prix du Disque de l’Académie Charles Cros.

He has given the first modern performances and made the first recordings of several important manuscripts that have come to light recently. Other recordings include the complete keyboard music of William Byrd on seven CDs for Hyperion, the complete organ music of Louis Couperin, and the newly-discovered autograph manuscript of harpsichord music by Henry Purcell, now in the British Library. He has also published nearly two dozen standard editions of Baroque music (including Bach’s The Art of Fugue, which includes his own completion of the unfinished final fugue).

Born in Britain in 1950, of Irish-Italian parentage, he was educated in London, Paris and Berkeley. He has lived in France since 1980 and now divides his time between giving organ and harpsichord recitals, recording and teaching.

'Byrd: The Complete Keyboard Music' (CDS44461/7)
Byrd: The Complete Keyboard Music
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'Byrd: Keyboard Music' (CDA66558)
Byrd: Keyboard Music
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
A Galliard, BK77 (Byrd)
A Gigg 'F. Tr.', BK22 (Byrd)
A Grounde, BK86 (Byrd)
A Lesson of Voluntarie, two parts in one in the 4th above, BK26 (Byrd)
A Pavion and The Galliard, BK23 (Byrd)
A Pavyn and Galliard, BK16 (Byrd)
An Almane, BK89 (Byrd)
Fortune my Foe, Farewell Delight, BK6 (Byrd)
Harding's Galliard, BK55 (Byrd)
Hugh Ashton's Grownde, BK20 (Byrd)
Lord Willobies Welcome Home 'Rowland', BK7 (Byrd)
O quam gloriosum est regnum, EKM48 (Byrd)
Parludam, BK115 EKM3 (Byrd)
Pavan and Galliard 'Ph. Tr.', BK60 (Byrd)
Pavan and Galliard 'The Earle of Salisbury', BK15 (Byrd)
Pavana and Galiarda, BK4 (Byrd)
Pavana Lachrymae, BK54 (Byrd)
Paven and Galiard, BK73 (Byrd)
Pavin, BK76 (Byrd)
Praeludium to the Fancie, BK12 (Byrd)
The Battell, BK94 (Byrd)
The eighte pavian, BK17 (Byrd)
The fifte pavian and galliarde, BK31 (Byrd)
The firste pavian and galliarde, BK29 (Byrd)
The Galliard for the Victorie, BK95 (Byrd)
The Marche before the Battell, BK93 (Byrd)
The Queenes Alman, BK10 (Byrd)
The Second Ground, BK42 (Byrd)
The seventh pavian, Canon 2 parts in 1, BK74 (Byrd)
The third pavian and galliard, BK14 (Byrd)
The Trumpetts  Extract of The Battell, BK94 (Byrd)
Ut, Re, Mee, Fa, Sol, La, The playnesong … by a second Person, BK58 (Byrd)
Will yow walke the woods so wylde, BK85 (Byrd)
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