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Artist Index – Strings – Violin

An alphabetical listing of all violinists represented on this website.

Adams, David (violin)
Adkins, Madeline (violin)
Albert, Thomas (violin)
Aranovskaya, Alla (violin)
Ashby, Claire (violin)
Baker, Benjamin (violin)
Balding, Caroline (violin)
Ballard, Jeremy (violin)
Balogh, Ferenc (violin)
Barritt, Paul (violin)
Barton, Fenella (violin)
Becker-Bender, Tanja (violin)
Benyounes, Zahra (violin)
Bernhardsson, Sibbi (violin)
Beznosiuk, Pavlo (violin)
Bielow, Andrej (violin)
Bishop, Julia (violin)
Blankestijn, Marieke (violin)
Blendis, Simon (violin)
Bowes, Thomas (violin)
Bragg, Gordon (violin)
Brero, Vittorio (violin)
Broman, Malin (violin)
Brooks, Brian (violin)
Bury, Alison (violin)
Busch, Adolf (violin)
Butler, Mark (violin)
Butterworth, Oliver (violin)
Caldron, Alexandra (violin)
Callow, Colin (violin)
Campbell, Jamie (violin)
Caudle, Theresa (violin)
Chachereau, Hubert (violin)
Chandler, Adrian (violin)
Charleson, Elizabeth (violin)
Chase, Stephanie (violin)
Chater, Eos (violin)
Childress, Stephanie (violin)
Chilingirian, Levon (violin)
Čičić, Bojan (violin)
Clark, James (violin)
Comberti, Micaela (violin)
Coull, Roger (violin)
Crayford, Marcia (violin)
Crouch, Ruth (violin)
Daraskaite, Agata (violin)
Dawson, Hannah (violin)
De Souza, Ralph (violin)
Debretzeni, Kati (violin)
Degand, Stéphanie-Marie (violin)
Denton, Matthew (violin)
Deuter, Floria (violin)
D'Orazio, Francesco (violin)
Dusinberre, Edward (violin)
Eberle, Veronika (violin)
Ehrlich, Ruth (violin)
Ellis, Gregory (violin)
Faultless, Margaret (violin)
Fischer, Simon (violin)
Flechter, Lyn (violin)
Fleezanis, Jorja (violin)
Fleming, Michelle (violin)
Fletcher, Lyn (violin)
Francis, Giles (violin)
Friend, Rodney (violin)
Gallaway, Philip (violin)
Ganatra, Simin (violin)
Garland, Roger (violin)
Gent, Sophie (violin)
Gergova, Gergana (violin)
Gil Rodríguez, Julián (violin)
Godio, Daniela (violin)
Godson, Jennifer (violin)
Golding, Miles (violin)
Gonley, Stephanie (violin)
Gonzalez, Juan (violin)
Goodman, Roy (violin)
Gorniak, Ulka (violin)
Gough, Rachel (violin)
Gould, Clio (violin)
Gould, Thomas (violin)
Graffin, Philippe (violin)
Gringolts, Ilya (violin)
Gruenberg, Erich (violin)
Gruenberg, Tina (violin)
Gurevich, Michael (violin)
Gurney, Tristan (violin)
Hagner, Viviane (violin)
Hall, Dimity (violin)
Hancox, Ben (violin)
Hansen, Cecilia (violin)
Hanslip, Chloë (violin)
Hanson, Peter (violin)
Hatfield, Lesley (violin)
Hewitt Jones, Simon (violin)
Hill, Jonathan (violin)
Hilsberg, Alexander (violin)
Hirsch, Rebecca (violin)
Holloway, John (violin)
Holst, Henry (violin)
Homburger, Maya (violin)
Honoré, Philippe (violin)
Howard, Lucy (violin)
Huberman, Bronislaw (violin)
Huggett, Monica (violin)
Humphries, Ian (violin)
Hunka, Katherine (violin)
Hurwitz, Emanuel (violin)
Hwang, Julia (violin)
Ibragimova, Alina (violin)
Isaac, Jeremy (violin)
Isserlis, Rachel (violin)
Jackson, Sally (violin)
Jansson, Ulrika (violin)
Johnston, Magnus (violin)
Jones, Simon (violin)
Josefowicz, Leila (violin)
Juda, Iris (violin)
Kahan, Jonathan (violin)
Keenlyside, Raymond (violin)
Keulen, Isabelle van (violin)
Khoyetsyan, Asholt (violin)
Kiernan, Patrick (violin)
Kim, Kyu-Young (violin)
Kiss, András (violin)
Koh, Jennifer (violin)
Koster, Rick (violin)
Kotów, Grzegorz (violin)
Kovacic, Ernst (violin)
Kuzma, Jean-Philippe (violin)
La Bruna, Francesco (violin)
Laredo, Jaime (violin)
Latchem, Malcolm (violin)
Lawes, Ann (violin)
Lawrence, Joanna (violin)
Layfield, Malcolm (violin)
Layton, Elizabeth (violin)
Le Page, David (violin)
Lee, Bryan (violin)
Leech, Catherine (violin)
Leong, Kerson (violin)
Levine, Adrian (violin)
Liebeck, Jack (violin)
Link, Joel (violin)
Little, Tasmin (violin)
Logan, Jennymay (violin)
Lowbury, Pauline (violin)
Mackenzie, Harriet (violin)
Mackintosh, Catherine (violin)
Manning, Peter (violin)
Manning, Rita (violin)
Manson, Catherine (violin)
Marcus, Marshall (violin)
Marmén, Johannes (violin)
Martindale, Jonathan (violin)
Marwood, Anthony (violin)
Mason, Frances (violin)
Matoušek, Bohuslav (violin)
McCapra, Fiona (violin)
McCusker, Kelly (violin)
McGee, Andrew (violin)
Meare, Annabelle (violin)
Meehan, Ryan (violin)
Meyers, Anne Akiko (violin)
Mills, John (violin)
Minev, Pavel (violin)
Mitchell, Madeleine (violin)
Mordkovitch, Lydia (violin)
Morgan Darragh (vilolin)
Morton, Jonathan (violin)
Mullova, Viktoria (violin)
Myers, Jeffrey (violin)
Nabarro, Benjamin (violin)
Nelson, Everton (violin)
Nicholls, Chris (violin)
Nikolitch, Gordan (violin)
Nizioł, Bartłomiej (violin)
Nurse, Elizabeth (violin)
Ogden, David (violin)
Olding, Dene (violin)
Oprean, Adelina (violin)
O'Reilly, Brendan (violin)
Orellana, Raul (violin)
Osostowicz, Krysia (violin)
Parker, Emma (violin)
Pascoe, Keith (violin)
Pasquier, Régis (violin)
Peacock, Kerenza (violin)
Perowne, Hannah (violin)
Phillips, Leo (violin)
Power, Lawrence (violin)
Przybyłowska, Elwira (violin)
Quint, Philippe (violin)
Reiter, Walter (violin in tromba marina)
Reiter, Walter (violin)
Rhodes, Harumi (violin)
Riddell, Duncan (violin)
Robert, Christophe (violin)
Ronconi, Luca (violin)
Roth, Linus (violin)
Samuel, Laura (violin)
Scarlett, Camilla (violin)
Schranz, Károly (violin)
See-Schierenberg, Sebastian (violin)
Seifert, Ingrid (violin)
Seiler, Mayumi (violin)
Semple, Alexander (violin)
Sewart, Charles (violin)
Shaham, Hagai (violin)
Shardlow, Nicholas (violin)
Shave, Jacqueline (violin)
Siem, Charlie (violin)
Sillito, Kenneth (violin)
Simović, Roman (violin)
Smith, Emma (violin)
Solodchin, Galina (violin)
Sparey-Gillies, Carolyn (violin)
Standage, Simon (violin)
Stewart, Malcolm (violin)
Stone, Jonathan (violin)
Suni, Tuomo (violin)
Swensen, Joseph (violin)
Szałaj-Zimak, Izabella (violin)
Szczepanowska, Magdalena (violin)
Szymczewska, Agata (violin)
Tarling, Judy (violin)
Taylor, Marilyn (violin)
Teplyakov, Ilya (violin)
Thorp, William (violin)
Thorsen, Marianne (violin)
Thurlby, Robin (violin)
Ticciati, Hugo (violin)
Tognetti, Richard (violin)
Toll, James (violin)
Trainor, Michael (violin)
Truscott, Matthew (violin)
Trusler, John (violin)
Trusler, Matthew (violin)
Tsinman, Mikhail (violin)
Turner, Francis (violin)
Udagawa, Hideko (violin)
Ugorski, Eugene (violin)
Urioste, Elena (violin)
Visontay, Zsolt-Tihamér (violin)
Waley-Cohen, Tamsin (violin)
Wallfisch, Elizabeth (violin)
Ward, Cecily (violin)
Wayne, Henrietta (violin)
Weiss, Catherine (violin)
Weithaas, Antje (violin)
Wexler, Elizabeth (violin)
Wijzenbeek, Nadia (violin)
Willaume, Gabriel (violin)
Williams, Gillian (violin)
Williams, Jeremy (violin)
Woodcock, David (violin)
Zehetmair, Thomas (violin)
Znaider, Nikolaj (violin)
Zwiener, Nadja (violin)
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