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Artist Index – Alphabetical – P

An alphabetical listing of all performers beginning with P represented on this website.

Crawford-Phillips, Simon (piano)
Paasikivi, Lilli (mezzo-soprano)
Pacey, Jonathan (bass)
Pacific Lutheran University Choir of the West, The
Pacifica Quartet
Padden, Thomas (baritone)
Paderewski, Ignacy Jan (piano)
Padgett, Andrew (bass)
Padmore, Mark (tenor)
Page, Christopher (conductor)
Page, Christopher (harp)
Page, Christopher (lute)
Page, Ian (conductor)
Page, Lucy (soprano)
Page, Teehan (tenor)
Pailthorpe, Daniel (flute)
Paish, Helena (soprano)
Pajaro-van de Stadt, Milena (viola)
Pakalniece, Viktorija (soprano)
Pallesen, Nicholas (baritone)
Palmer, Ben (conductor)
Palmer, Christopher (tenor)
Palmer, Felicity (mezzo-soprano)
Palmer, Isabelle (soprano)
Pandit, Ramchandra (tabla)
Pantea, Vladimir (treble)
Papadopoulos, Marios (piano)
Pappano, Sir Antonio (conductor)
Parfitt, Paul (baritone)
Park, Owain (bass)
Park, Owain (countertenor)
Park, Owain (director)
Park, Owain (organ)
Park, Yeachan (treble)
Parker, Emma (violin)
Parker, Keith (tenor)
Parle, Nicholas (harpsichord)
Parley of Instruments Baroque Orchestra, The
Parley of Instruments Choir, The
Parley of Instruments, The
Parnas-Simpson, Marianna (conductor)
Parnell, Andrew (organ)
Parr, Daniel (treble)
Parr, Toby (tenor)
Parrott, Andrew (conductor)
Parrott, Andrew (tenor)
Parry, Ben (conductor)
Parry, Ben (tenor)
Parsons, Geoffrey (piano)
Partington, Adrian (organ)
Partridge, Bethany (soprano)
Partridge, Hannah (soprano)
Partridge, Ian (tenor)
Pasco, Richard (speaker)
Pascoe, Keith (violin)
Pasquier, Régis (violin)
Patel, Manel (reader)
Patel, Roshan (tenor)
Paterson, Douglas (viola)
Paterson, Iain (baritone)
Paterson, Richard (baritone)
Paul, Elisabeth (soprano)
Paulsen, Sue-Ellen (cello)
Pavão String Quartet
Pay, Antony (clarinet)
Pay, Camilla (harp)
Payne, Benedict (treble)
Payne, Sebastian (treble)
Peacock Ensemble
Peacock, Adrian (bass)
Peacock, Kerenza (violin)
Peacock, Rupert (treble)
Pearce, Alison (soprano)
Pearce, Johathan (tenor)
Pearce, Judith (flute)
Pearse, Morgan (bass)
Pearson, Justin (cello)
Pearson, Leslie (organ)
Pell, Susanna (viol)
Pembroke College Choir Cambridge
Pembroke College Girls' Choir Cambridge
Pendlebury, Nic (viola)
Penshurst Choral Society
Penson, Guy (harpsichord)
Penson, Guy (pianoforte)
Pepin, Nicholas (countertenor)
Pepol, Michał (cello)
Pérez, David (tenor)
Perfect, Nicholas (bass)
Perillo, Antony (treble)
Perkins Ray, Augustus (bass)
Perkins, Duncan (bass)
Perkins, Julian (bass)
Perkins, Julian (organ)
Perkins, Laurence (bassoon)
Perkins, Thomas (tenor)
Perowne, Hannah (violin)
Persson, Miah (soprano)
Pertusi, Michele (bass)
Peterborough String Orchestra
Peters, Olivier (flute)
Peterson-Stewart Toby (bass guitar)
Pethers, Agatha (soprano)
Petite Bande, La
Petrovskis, Jānis (bass)
Petryka, Jan (tenor)
Pettit, David (piano)
Philadelphia Orchestra
Philharmonia Chorus
Philharmonia Orchestra
Philharmonia Voices
Philharmonic Chamber Choir, The
Philip Jones Brass Ensemble
Phillips, Ewan (treble)
Phillips, Leo (violin)
Phillips, Margaret (organ)
Phillips, Peter (conductor)
Phillips, Tom (tenor)
Phillipson, Martin (trumpet)
Philpot, Margaret (alto)
Philpott, Sebastian (trumpet)
Phoenix Chorale
Phoenix, Paul (tenor)
Piatti Quartet
Pickard, Anna Sarah (soprano)
Pickard, Tom (treble)
Pickering, Martin (tenor)
Picton-Turbervill, Edward (organ)
Pierard, Catherine (soprano)
Pierce, Nicholas (treble)
Pierce, Rowan (soprano)
Pigneguy, John (horn)
Pike, Anthony (clarinet)
Pike, David John (baritone)
Pinel, Richard (conductor)
Pini, Anthony (cello)
Pinkstone, Richard (tenor)
Pires, Maria João (piano)
Pitman, James (bass)
Pitrėnas, Modestas (conductor)
Pitt, Amanda (soprano)
Pitts, Antony (conductor)
Pitts, Antony (piano)
Pitts, John (piano)
Pitts, Raphael (treble)
Pizarro, Artur (piano)
Plant, Andrew (piano)
Platt, James (bass)
Platt, Rachel (soprano)
Platt, Theodore (bass)
Player, Adam (tenor)
Playfoot, Andrew (vocals)
Playford Consort, The
Pleeth Cello Octet, The
Pleeth, Anthony (cello)
Plitmann, Hila (soprano)
Plowright, Jonathan (piano)
Plummer, Julian (horn)
Pochin, Juliette (mezzo-soprano)
Podger, Julian (tenor)
Podleś, Ewa (alto)
Pogorelc, Emily (soprano)
Pokupić, Renata (mezzo-soprano)
Polenzani, Matthew (tenor)
Polish National Youth Choir
Ponsford, Simon (countertenor)
Ponsford-Hill, Alison (soprano)
Poole, Elizabeth (soprano)
Poole, Julian (percussion)
Pooley, George (tenor)
Pooley, George (treble)
Pooley, Timothy (viola)
Pope, Catherine (soprano)
Pople, Ross (cello)
Pople, Ross (conductor)
Popov, Andrei (tenor)
Popova, Ekaterina (soprano)
Popp, Lucia (soprano)
Poppleton, Sam (bass)
Popplewell, Hugo (treble)
Portal, Eduardo (conductor)
Portch, Margaret (piano)
Porter, Kim (alto)
Portman, Emily (voice)
Portsmouth Grammar School Chamber Choir
Poster, Tom (piano)
Postles, Frankie (bass)
Pott, Alexander (treble)
Pott, Charles (bass)
Pott, Jack Anthony (tenor)
Potter, John (tenor)
Pottmeier Sebastian (baritone saxophone)
Pouget, Marcus (cello)
Poulenard, Isabelle (soprano)
Poulsom, Hannah (mezzo-soprano)
Poulton, Robert (baritone)
Power, Lawrence (viola)
Power, Lawrence (violin)
Power, Wallis (cello)
Pozo, Rodrigo del (tenor)
Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra
Prague Symphony Orchestra
Prégardien, Christoph (tenor)
Prendergast, Lucy (soprano)
Presland, Clare (mezzo-soprano)
Presswood, Aimee (soprano)
Preston, Simon (organ)
Preston-Dunlop, Emma (soprano)
Price, David (organ)
Price, Edward (bass)
Price, Kathryn (cello)
Price, Margaret (soprano)
Price, Nicholas (treble)
Pride, Timothy (countertenor)
Prideaux, William (baritone)
Prince, John (bass)
Pringle, Andrea (soprano)
Prior, Will (countertenor)
Pritchard, Nicholas (tenor)
Pro Cantione Antiqua
Proctor, Professor Michael (Provost)
Prokofiev Gabriel (synthesizers)
Prokofiev, Gabriel (narrator)
Prokofiev, Oleg (narrator)
Prosseda, Roberto (pedal piano)
Proud, Malcolm (harpsichord)
Provost, Paul (organ)
Provost, Ruth (soprano)
Provost, Stephen le (organ)
Prunell-Friend, Agustin (tenor)
Pryce, Sally (harp)
Przybyłowska, Elwira (violin)
Puccini, Sergio (guitar)
Pugno, Raoul (piano)
Puig I Ferrés, Susanna (soprano)
Puke, Agris (bass)
Purcell Band, The
Purcell Quartet, The
Purser, David (trombone)
Purves, Christopher (baritone)
Purves, George (treble)
Putniņš, Kaspars (conductor)
Putt, Alastair (tenor)
Puxeddu, Luigi (cello)
Pyatt, David (horn)
Rostad, Masumi Per (viola)
St Petersburg String Quartet
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