An English Mass (Howells)
from Howells: An English Mass, Cello Concerto & other works (KGS0032-D)
1 Kyrie [5'42]
2 Credo [8'41]
3 Sursum corda [0'58]
4 Sanctus [2'50]
5 Benedictus [4'13]
6 Agnus Dei [3'35]
7 Gloria [9'09]
35 minutes 8 seconds 7 tracks
‘Impeccably judged sound and balance throughout; authoritative annotations, too, from Paul Spicer and Jonathan Clinch. All told, a hugely rewarding issue, and absolutely not be missed’ (Gramophone)
The Guardian
‘This now becomes my first choice for Howells’ An English Mass and the Cello Concerto and it comes with several attractive bonuses to boot. I hope that it will help to boost appreciation of Howells’ m ...