Andrew McGregor
BBC Record Review
May 2021

Alina Ibragimova used lockdown as an opportunity to work on Paganini's solo Caprices and then record them. She's one of the violinists who needs two CDs for the set—the repeats; and she takes as much time as she needs to let the music speak, leisurely and highly expressive when it needs to be. After all, we can take her technique for granted, can't we?

Alina Ibragimova showcasing her stellar technique, her mastery of all the skills, but, better than that, her ability to let the music sing so clearly even as the fireworks explode around it. Ibragimova doesn't treat Paganini's Caprices purely as heroic showstoppers, and, as the rosin's flying, she finds time to highlight harmonic shifts and spin phrases with delicacy and lightness, and wit as well. Special playing, and the recording frames it so well—all the detail, plenty of air and attractive resonance.