September 2016

In 1999 Angela Hewitt recorded a fine version of the Goldbergs on a magnificent Steinway piano for Hyperion, which has regarded as a bright star in its catalogue ever since. That this new version, recorded on a lighter-sounding Fazioli, might push the earlier out of the catalogue is a shame. This time Hewitt is rhythmically freer and her phrasing probably more in line with her generally less romantic view of the work, however, the respect and sincerity which she so convincingly brought to her first version is here supplanted by a chirpiness that her many admirers will find utterly charming. But with repeated listening one wishes for a Rosalyn Tureck or the sadly no longer available recording by Konstantin Lifschitz. There’s the usual crystal-clear Hyperion clarity of recorded sound, and, along with Hewitt’s lecture-long booklet notes, this will be a winner for her fan club.