Clifford Bartlett
Early Music Review
May 2016

My reaction is very positive. I don’t have my copy of Tudor Church Music Vol 6 (1928) at hand, but I have long been familiar with the Latin music, especially the opening two items—I think we sang them at my last year at Dulwich College in 1957/58, and I bought an LP about as soon as they were available. Tallis had a more erratic style than Byrd, which drew attention to the ear. I’m almost certain that the singing is at the notated pitch—I don’t think there are chiavetti—and they give solid sounds, with a variety that didn’t go so far as to drop into anything approaching piano! Speeds are quicker than they used to be: so much the better! The words are more audible than most, despite the polyphony. Singers are named above each of the texts, most items being for one or two to a part. This is an ideal recording: do buy it.

Early Music Review