John Quinn
MusicWeb International
April 2016

All this wonderful music is superbly performed. The college’s two organ scholars, Eleanor Kornas and Owain Park, share the playing duties between them. Park plays the Canticles, the Psalm Prelude and accompanies Psalm 122 while Eleanor Koras does the rest. Both organists play marvellously; I guess they relished being turned loose on the Coventry organ with all its resources—a full specification is included in the booklet. I’ve long thought that the Trinity College Choir is one of the very finest collegiate choirs in Britain and this disc offers further proof of their excellence. Blend, tuning, diction and discipline are well-nigh faultless and the sheer sound of these young voices gives great pleasure. Stephen Layton is to be congratulated, not just for preparing the choir so very well but also for guiding them through this music with such flair and evident empathy.

The recording was in the hands of David Hinitt and Adrian Peacock; they’ve done an excellent job. Especially pleasing is the fact the organ is thrillingly reported yet the balance with the choir is always very good indeed. The notes and other booklet contents are up to Hyperion’s usual impeccable standards.

Both the music and the performances on this Howells collection will give great pleasure.