Tina Kiik
The Whole Note, Canada
June 2015

Following his acclaimed Haydn piano sonata recordings, prolific pianist Marc-André Hamelin outperforms even himself in this twodisc release featuring eight Mozart piano sonatas along with some other Mozart solo piano treats. Hamelin is thorough in his attention to detail, rhythm and separation of lines in both hands when tackling the complex technical and musical intricacies in Mozart’s solo piano compositions. Here are some highlights. Not all the works are technically challenging. His performance of the famous student 'little sonata for beginners' Piano Sonata in C Major K545 raises the musical bar for any student of any aptitude. Hamelin is lyrical in the infamous opening Allegro first movement. And his concluding chords of the third movement Rondo are loud yet not banged, resulting in a formidable sensitive ending to an inspirational performance. In contrast, Piano Sonata in F Major K332 is a challenging work. The first movement Allegro is performed with tonal surprises in its orchestra-emulating scoring.

The second movement features Hamelin at his very best. This is a touching, lyrical rendition. The bending and stretching of lines leads to a melody played with so much musicality and feeling that words escape me. Gigue in G Major is a robust contrapuntal dance. Clocking in at slightly over one minute, Hamelin plays energetically with imaginative splashes of Mozart-inspired musical humour. High production quality and thorough liner notes complete this perfect package. Hamelin’s exquisite Mozart makes this the go-to music of the summer!