Dan Morgan
MusicWeb International

These are the first fruits of a collaboration between Hyperion, who have already recorded some of Antony Pitts’ colourful music, and the label 1Equalmusic. If you have heard the Hyperion recording of Alpha and Omega (below) you’ll have heard the coda from Jerusalem-Yerushalayim. Otherwise, rather than try to describe the music, except to summarise the four sections:

(A) the city in patriarchal times;
(B) the city as the capital of Israel and then of Judah up to its destruction by Nebuchadnezzar in 586BC;
(C) the city rebuilt under occupation until its destruction by the Romans in 70AD;
(D) the city as prefigured by prophets and unfolded in history; and a coda looking forward to Isaiah’s vision of the wolf living together with the lamb;

It’s better for me to direct you to Hyperion where you can hear extracts from each section on the main webpage.

I am not alone among my MusicWeb colleagues in enjoying Pitts’ own music and the performances by his group Tonus Peregrinus of his music and that of others; the new release is equally fine.