Colin Clarke
International Piano
May 2015

Martin Roscoe's Dohnányi series on Hyperion is a remarkable venture, and one clearly born of love for this composer. Dohnányi's recordings of his own music are instructive (they were issued on APR), but Roscoe is an enlightened interpreter. Contrast Dohnányi's 1956 recording of the sixth movement of Ruralia hungarica with Roscoe's: Dohnányi is darker; Roscoe lingers more, but is just as convincing. The textural delination of No 4 is stunning. In the Variations, Dohnányi's reading is more convincing as a totality, but Roscoe finds a welcome depth at times; and Roscoe actually seems preferable in the Gavotte and Musette where the composer sounds rather rushed in comparison. Roscoe certainly has the equipment for the paraphrases that end the programme, given here with not only jaw-dropping assurance but plenty of wit.