Stefano Pagliantini
Musica, Italy
February 2015

Pärt’s ‘tintinnabuli’ method is an aesthetic, a way of thinking and a way of life, all combined, all reduced to their essence. Based on centuries-old compositional techniques and using rarefied musical material—a simple arpeggio or scale or, more often, a triad – it is frequently identified with minimalism. In fact, however, it is a return to Renaissance polyphony, to Palestrina—but with affinities to Messiaen and Penderecki as well.

All this is exemplified to perfection by this recording, both in terms of its truly exceptional performances, whose transparency, virtuosity and sheer vocal perfection are beyond compare, and in terms of the way it reflects the unique artistic path taken by Pärt, making him one of the most inspired composers of our time. This is an album to be savoured, one to counter the effects of so many kitsch intrusions into our noisy, overcrowded lives.

Translated from Italian by Susannah Howe for Gimell Records. Reproduced with permission from Musica, Italy.