Peter Graham Woolf
Musical Pointers
November 2010

The Welsh composers for this saxophone quartet, recorded in Ty Cerdd June/July, range in age from early twenties to '50s, and all are interesting in different ways. LSQ stress that they like to work with composers from early rehearsals 'when the music gets done'. Commissioning new scores is the life- blood of their repertoire; there is 'no fallback position into repertoire of the past'. The disc is very up-to-date; one of the pieces had its premiere only this month…

I tend to be cautious with 'classical' saxophones; they can be strident and assertive, especially in small-venue recitals, but here the sound is home-friendly, mainly discreet and mellow.

Signum's production is strikingly good; properly informative and interesting notes, with graphic design and photography unified.