Philip Clark
Classic FM

Come dancing with The Smith Quartet and their partners John Adams, British complexisist Michael Finnissy, former Deep Purple keyboard player Jon Lord, jazzman Django Bates, macho minimalist Michael Nyman, Romantic minimalist Graham Fitkin, South African composer Kevin Volans, everybody's favourite Chinese composer Tan Dun, and many others.

With a smörgåsbord of aesthetic approaches like that, some tracks inevitably appeal more than others. Finnissy's seditious upending of a classical minuet, with dance-steps forced to trip over themselves, is the standout moment for this listener; otherwise Gabriel (grandson of Sergey) Prokofiev's re-imagined Jamaican dance beats in Bogle Move and Donnacha Dennehy's inscrutable Stamp (To Avoid Erotic Thoughts) are as satisfying as Nyman's lumpen Tango and Dun's dull Black Dance are disappointing, with the rest falling in line somewhere between. Django Bates's faux-Irish reels end matters on an exhilarating high.

As always, The Smith Quartet's infectious enthusiasm and spirited playing belies its vanilla moniker (with apologies to any readers called Smith). An enjoyable overall concept, but most listeners will undoubtedly skip between tracks thereafter.