Homages - A musical dedication

Homages and dedications have often a veiled mystique: the relationship between the composer and somebody else; a story and emotional experience hidden in the music. Homages are created from the heart, and reach out and engage the heart of the listener. To whom they are dedicated is not always easy to fathom, but they can speak and bloom as though they were only written for oneself, creating a poetry and beauty which fills our heart.

SIGCD404  71 minutes 42 seconds
'The programming of this recital strikes me as well conceived and the playing is thoughtful' (MusicWeb International)
'Swiss guitarist Christoph Denoth explores musical homages for the classic guitar. The album includes works by Malats, Rodridgo, Villa-Lobos, de Falla, Turina and Llobet. Recitals of poetic beauty' (T ...