My Beloved's Voice
Sacred Songs of Love

Mark Williams leads the Choir of the Jesus College Cambridge through an evocative selection of choral works inspired in varying ways by the Songs of Songs.

Songs of love have been written from the earliest records of human existence. None are more passionately ecstatic than the Songs of Songs, which occupies a unique place in the Holy Bible in both style and content. It contains lyric poems of love and courtship, as might have been sung at Jewish weddings. For Christians, these poems speak to the beauty of the union of Christ and his ‘bride’, the Church. The present collection presents a diverse group of choral works written between the 16th century and the present day, with most inspired by this unique sacred text.

SIGCD370  64 minutes 27 seconds
'This is a fine and enjoyable disc, full of vivid performances and imaginative programming. Under Mark Williams' direction, the choirs make a clear elegant and focused sound, and clarity is very much ...