Richafort: Requiem

Few composers of any age have enjoyed the widespread admiration and unanimous praise of successive generations as Josquin Des Prez. He is considered the greatest creator and innovator of musical composition during the Renaissance, and for some half a millennium his music has stood the test of time. He is remembered as much for his own works as for his lasting influence on those of his contemporaries and students, something demonstrated in many of the compositions in tribute of 'the master' featured in this programme. The centrepiece is Jean Richafort's Requiem (Missa pro defunctis), a tribute that employs several of Josquin's compositional devices.

The King's Singers once again demonstrate their versatility and trademark precision in this new programme devised by leading early-music scholar and conductor David Skinner.

SIGCD326  58 minutes 18 seconds
The Guardian
'An unexplored, if slightly morbid Renaissance treasure trove, this CD presents memorials composed by Josquin's colleagues after the Flemish master's death in 1521. The centrepiece is Jean Richaford's ...