A New Venetian Coronation, 1595

The Gabrieli Consort and Players return to the programme that put them on the musical map when it was originally recorded and released in 1990: A Venetian Coronation 1595 is a musical re-creation evoking the grand pageantry of the Coronation Mass for Venetian Doge Marino Grimani. His love of ceremony and state festivals fuelled an extraordinary musical bounty during his reign and formed the background to the musical riches of the period, especially to the works of Giovanni Gabrieli. With cornetts, sackbuts and an all-male consort, Paul McCreesh fully exploits the dazzling polyphony of Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli’s music and captivates the audience in a theatrical and ceremonious performance. Two decades later, the Gabrieli's New Venetian Coronation takes advantage of huge developments in early instruments, performance techniques and research into the pieces that were on the original (as well as advances in recording techniques).

SIGCD287  73 minutes 55 seconds
The Independent
'McCreesh's new take on his classic recording is a triumph … highly recommended to both first- and second-time buyers, and on track to inspire yet another generation' (International Record Review)
'Even if you own the classic Virgin disc, this new version is a must-buy' (The Sunday Times)