Poulenc: The Complete Songs, Vol. 1

The songs of Francis Poulenc (some 150 works composed over a period of 44 years) remain consistently popular with concert audiences the world over. Varying in their individual style and character in a way that defies generalization, Poulenc set music to a wide range of different French poetry—both ancient and modern, and from the serious to the surreal.

This release marks the first in a new series charting the complete songs of Francis Poulenc, performed by some of the greatest singers of the day and accompanied by the exceptional Malcolm Martineau. Later volumes will feature several works that have never before been recorded.

SIGCD247  69 minutes 32 seconds
'Once the object of a cult following and otherwise treated with slight disdain, Poulenc's songs have drawn deepening responses over the years until hailed like a twentieth-century Schubert for their r ...