Metcalfe: Constant filter & other works

An exciting new collaboration between the rising British composer John Metcalfe and the internationally renowned cellist Matthew Barley. The project is summed up well by Barley’s description of the music: 'Metcalfe’s music fascinates me: it intelligently fuses acoustic and electronic soundworlds; it develops its themes with economic clarity; and—the main attraction—it speaks to the heart without ignoring the head. It can make me cry, laugh or dance, and that is what new music should be doing. I can hear the traditions of classical music, as well as contemporary rhythms and haunting synthesisers from the world of electronica. This is art that can speak to everyone about love and freedom, fear and yearning, and the deep mysterious joy of music.' Matthew Barley

SIGCD207  58 minutes 12 seconds
The Independent
'The result is compelling, and at times extraordinary—Metcalfe’s lyrical, contemplative lines are drawn with infinite care, and the immediacy and tenderness of Barley’s performance makes this music ad ...