Roth: Songs in time of war

The Chinese poet, Du Fu (712-770), received no recognition in his lifetime but is now regarded as one of China’s finest poets. His poems appear in Roth’s work, Songs in Time of War, a stunning compilation of songs from Du Fu’s experiences in civil war China, beautifully arranged for tenor, violin, harp and guitar.

Inspired by a visit to Vancouver’s Chinese garden (in authentic Ming Dynasty style), Roth sketched musical ideas for the four songs, Chinese Gardens. The original version has since been revised for Mark Padmore and Morgan Szymanski who perform for the first time on this recording.

SIGCD124  62 minutes 1 seconds
The Times
'This issue must not be missed by anyone interested in English song, anyone interested in current trends in contemporary composition and anyone I have forgotten to mention. Put simply, this disk is a ...