The Golden Age

The first release in The King’s Singers 40th anniversary year celebrates music by Portuguese, Spanish and Mexican composers from the period known as the Siglo de Oro, The Golden Age.

The idea for the disc came from the King’s Singers church concert programmes, where the acoustics allowed great scope for drama. The music featured is exceptionally beautiful and deeply moving, with a combination of joyful and sorrowful s e ttings, indicating the substantial outpouring of music during this period.

Regularly performing over 100 concerts per season, the King’s Singers delight audiences a round the world. As the London Times states, they are ‘still unmatched for their musicality and sheer ability to entertain’.

SIGCD119  64 minutes 23 seconds
BBC Music Magazine
'A 40th anniversary release from The King's Singers, emotionally charged yet immaculate execution, includes unmissable performances of Lobo's Lamentations and Versa est in luctum' (Class ...
'The King's Singers as usual bring a freshness and vitality to their vocalism and a warm, welcoming quality to their sound that projects a certain 'personality' that not only makes listening easy, but ...