Joseph James: Wanderer Fantasies after Schubert & Schumann

Schubert's Wanderer Fantasy and Schumann's 'Fantasie' are two highly remarkable works: whilst musically embodying the romantic spirit of the age in their unconventional structures and lyrically imaginative styles, they also act as self-portraits to their creators through the evocation of the creative process. In these new orchestrations by 'Joseph James', the familiar beauty of the works is rekindled in the exciting and fresh interpretations performed by the illustrious English Chamber Orchestra alongside concertante solos from members of the Schubert Ensemble. The performances are directed by the exceptional young conductor, Orlando Jopling. Featured instrumentalists from the Schubert Ensemble include Simon Blendis (violin), Jane Salmon (cello), Peter Buckoke and Stephen Williams (double basses).

SIGCD095  53 minutes 3 seconds
'The present rewriting, which Schubert and Schumann would have definitely supported, respects the original score most scrupulously, including the pianistic moments which, with a little magic, easily b ...