Anthems for the 21st century

Signum Classics are proud to release the second disc from the Vasari Singers Anthems for the 21st Century.

To celebrate its first twenty-five years of vibrant music making, the Vasari Singers commissioned ten composers to each write an anthem that would in their eyes reflect the state of the world at the start of the new millennium.

The brief indicated that each work should be suitable as an anthem in an Anglican cathedral Evensong, and that it could also look beyond any constraints of Liturgy or formal religious doctrine to embrace a wider, ecumenical audience. Perhaps something more humanistic that would have a voice in the multi-cultural, multi-faith societies of the new 21st century world?

SIGCD059  68 minutes 52 seconds
‘The Vasari Singers and Jeremy Backhouse have few equals … [their] qualities are much in evidence here in music ranging from the harrowing grief of Jonathan Rathbone’s ‘Absalon, my son’ to the ex ...
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