Clemens: Missa Ecce quam bonum & other sacred music

Signum Classics is pleased to present a debut recording by The Brabant Ensemble, an Oxford-based ensemble with a strong reputation for sympathetic performance of early sacred music, focussing on the repertoire of the 16th century.

Like many of even the most prolific and celebrated composers of the sixteenth century, Jacobus Clemens non Papa (‘not the Pope’) has offered the history books little factual material with which to work. In contrast to the paucity of biographical material, however, many sources of Clemens' music survive. Indeed, he is one of the most widely published musicians of the entire century with fifteen Masses, over two hundred motets, many Dutch psalms and French chansons to his name.

This album features the Mass Ecce quam bonum, based on Clemens’ own motet and a generous selection of five-voice motets.

SIGCD045  70 minutes 42 seconds
BBC Music Magazine
'Clemens’s beautifully crafted and mellifluous polyphony, nicely spiced with tellingly placed chromaticisms, is immediately appealing. The Brabant Ensemble generally does it full justice, with its cle ...
'They make a glorious sound which may be very English, for want of a better word, but which I found irresistible—Clemens’s mellifluous lines rise and fall beautifully, no one part taking precedence ov ...