Shchedrin: The Enchanted Wanderer

Rodion Shchedrin's 'concert opera' The Enchanted Wanderer premiered in New York in 2002 but did not receive its Russian premiere until 2007. However, it has rapidly entered the Mariinsky Theatre's repertory, often performed in St Petersburg and on tour.

Based on a story by the nineteenth-century Russian author Nikolai Leskov, the opera is steeped in Russian folklore and beliefs. It tells the fantastical story of Ivan, a young man who, in the course of his travels, flogs a monk to death, is captured and tortured by the Tatars, joins a prince's retinue as horse trainer, loves and loses (to said prince) a Gypsy woman whom he subsequently kills at her own request, and is ultimately led by her ghost to a monastery, where he takes holy orders to atone for his deeds.

The release also features four fragments from Shchedrin's 1955 ballet score The Little Humbacked Horse and his 1963 Concerto for Orchestra, Naughty Limericks.

MAR0504  111 minutes 11 seconds (2 discs)
'Gergiev feels how deeply rooted this opera is in Russian tradition' (BBC Music Magazine)
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