Rutter: O praise the Lord of heaven
Music of rejoicing and reflection by John Rutter

Here is some music of rejoicing and reflection which John Rutter wrote for a variety of choirs and occasions, over a period of many years.

The earliest piece, The Falcon, is the largest and most ambitious of all and was written in 1969 for the choir and orchestra of the Cambridge University Musical Society and the choristers of King’s College. At its heart is the medieval Corpus Christi Carol—an allegorical poem on the theme of Christ’s Passion—framed by a psalm of rejoicing and a visionary prayer for peace.

CSCD522  74 minutes 23 seconds
'The Cambridge Singers are in excellent voice throughout and any listener who enjoys the work of John Rutter will appreciate this collection although, as we said earlier, you will need to check to see ...
'The Cambridge Singers and City of London Sinfonia have the lion's share of this disc. They present amazing performances: very clear diction, tuning and a great sense of blend within the choir, as wel ...