Gottschalk: The Complete Solo Piano Music

With his idiomatic and graceful style, pianist Philip Martin has established himself as the foremost exponent of Gottschalk. Much of his music is by no means easy to play; it requires an impeccable technique matched with élan and joie de vivre for its most effective execution.

Although not essentially a ‘great composer’, Louis Moreau Gottschalk had a unique spontaneity and individuality which Martin’s performances bring vividly to the fore. The composer’s music was hugely popular during his lifetime and his works display a real melodic charm and a great sense of fun.

Each of the eight discs in Martin’s extensive Gottschalk series has received wide acclaim and left pianophiles eagerly awaiting the next issue. The complete set is now available elegantly packaged for a special price.

CDS44451/8  578 minutes 13 seconds (8 discs)
‘There are some fine Gottschalk albums out there, but Martin’s is the only complete survey of the composer’s works for solo piano. Not only that, he has a unique affinity for this music that shines ...