Stravinsky: Les Noces & other choral works

Stravinsky’s popular, extroverted choral work Les Noces—the epitome of his ‘Russian’ style—is placed in context in this marvellous recording where James Wood’s New London Chamber Choir are joined by the Voronezh Chamber Choir who bring an authentic Russian sound to the ensemble. They also perform Russian folksongs and the Slavonic versions of Stravinsky’s Ave Maria, Credo and Pater Noster. Other aspects of Stravinsky’s compositional style are represented by the austere TS Eliot setting The dove descending and the memorial to TS Eliot himself.

CDH55467  63 minutes 12 seconds
‘In the most immediate way, this disc provides scholarly context for one of Stravinsky’s most adventurous works. A splendidly invigorating account of his Russian wedding cantata, Les Noces, is precede ...
‘As magical a musical experience as this imposing score has ever afforded on record. A fascinating programme, prepared and sung to the highest imaginable standards’ (Fanfare, USA)