Praetorius: Christmas Music

Michael Praetorius was a hugely versatile German composer. His 1603 post as Kapellmeister in Wolfenbüttel necessitated extensive travel throughout Germany, enabling him to establish widespread acclaim as a conductor and musical advisor. Praetorius’s church music is much less known today than it should be, partly because of the sheer volume that he composed.

This beautiful selection of hymns, chorales and carols attempts to reproduce the effect of a performance under Praetorius’s direction; soloists are drawn from the choir and instruments of late sixteenth- or early seventeenth-century design are used.

CDH55446  48 minutes 26 seconds
‘Well crafted music, sensitively performed and recorded’ (Gramophone)
‘Exciting and highly enjoyable’ (The Good CD Guide)
‘A delightful record’ (Organists' Review)