Langlais: Missa Salve regina & Messe solennelle

This recording from The Choir of Westminster Cathedral also features two of its admired former organists and the English Chamber Orchestra Brass Ensemble, all illuminating joyful paeans of praise by the profoundly religious organist and composer Jean Langlais.

Langlais studied in Paris and wrote for the choir and organ of Notre Dame. He also taught and played often in the United States, and many of his works were written for American performers and audiences. His music was inspired by his love of the Catholic liturgy and of Gregorian chant. Plainsong melodies feature prominently, making much use of parallel fifths and octaves which suggest a twentieth-century update of early organum.

CDH55444  50 minutes 51 seconds
‘It was a real joy for me to hear how perfect was the sound and also the playing and singing of the interpreters’ (Jean Langlais)
‘Those unfamiliar with the music of Jean Langlais should lose no time and try this outstanding collection’ (The Penguin Guide to Compact Discs)
‘Highly desirable at full price and even more so now. There’s no competition if you want both the Masses together. The Missa Salve regina is the high point of the recording for me—with a glorio ...