Songs of Scotland

Scotland's own Marie McLaughlin, celebrated in opera houses throughout the world, sings 33 delectable songs from her native land. Many favourites are here, from Loch Lomond to The Skye boat song, but also some less well-known songs, both merry (The white cockade, O Willie's gane tae Melville castle) and sad (The winter it is past). Two are sung unaccompanied (The flowers of the forest, My love's in Germany) and several are sung with the clarsach—the Celtic harp.

Full texts are included along with interesting notes by John Currie.

CDH55336  73 minutes 18 seconds
‘Marie McLaughlin sings with warm tone, affection, humour and zest’ (Gramophone)
‘Marie McLaughlin's gleaming yet often dark-hued soprano takes to this music as to the bothy born; and Edinburgh-born Malcolm Martineau heels and toes it with great imaginative finesse, tuning in to t ...
‘Marie McLaughlin sings these songs in a clear, unpretentious soprano, evidently delighting in the texts, which she delivers in a pleasing, crystalline brogue. An exquisite disc’ (International Record ...