Land of Heart's Desire
Songs of the Hebrides from the collection by Marjory Kennedy-Fraser

34 songs from the famous Songs of the Hebrides collection by Marjory Kennedy-Fraser published in the early years of this century. There are some extraordinarily beautiful songs here (Ernest Newman wrote of them that Schubert and Hugo Wolf would have knelt and kissed the hands of their unknown composers). The most famous song in the collection is the Eriskay Love Lilt but several of the others will be familiar to anybody who has bought our Bantock recordings: Sea Longing was the inspiration for the slow movement of the Celtic Symphony, and Kishmul's Galley is the tune blazed out by the Royal Philharmonic horns at the end of the Hebridean Symphony.

CDH55204  70 minutes 32 seconds
‘Enchanting little gems [that] have a magnificent beauty’ (BBC Music Magazine)
‘A treasure house of gems … this is as fine a solo debut album as I have encountered all year and deserves a cult following. It will come near the top of my Christmas list’ (The Sunday Times)