Mouton: Missa Dictes moy toutes voz pensées

"With a musical language quite distinct from everyone else, Jean Mouton is nonetheless often compared with Josquin on account of his astonishing technique. His music is able to convey such a spirit of calm and poise that in the whole gamut of renaissance art it is really only rivalled by the altar-pieces of such painters as Giovanni Bellini and Hans Memling." (Peter Phillips)

CDGIM047  67 minutes 50 seconds
‘The Apollonian art of the Tallis Scholars seems to have found in Mouton's balanced and masterly counterpoint a language which exactly suits them. As in the past with Palestrina—and perhaps even more ...
‘The Tallis Scholars and their perfect phrasing have caused a forgotten composer from the Renaissance, Jean Mouton, to be born again’ (Classica, France)