Amarae morti
Lamentations and motets by Cardoso, Gombert, Lassus, Morales, Palestrina, Phinot & Victoria

What connects a seemingly disparate selection of names from across Renaissance Europe is the spiritual progression from darkness (‘in the midst of life we are in death’) to light (‘blessed be the name of the Lord’). And, of course, the shrewd musical judgement of Peter Phillips in its devising.

CDA68279  66 minutes 9 seconds
‘Here is a delightful disc made to an interesting recipe: Lamentation texts in alternation with joyful settings of Regina caeli sung with passion and puppyish intensity by a large and charismatic cham ...
BBC Music Magazine
‘The attractively sombre sound of Spanish ensemble El León de Oro, directed by Peter Phillips … this is thoughtful singing, with sensitivity to the texts … it’s a well-made showcase for key ...