Bach: The Six Partitas
2018 recording

‘Brilliant, well-sounding, expressive and always new’ was the verdict of Bach’s first biographer on the six Partitas, a description which applies equally to Angela Hewitt’s wonderful new recording of what Bach designated his ‘Opus 1’. Angela describes a lifetime of living with Bach’s music as ‘a great gift and a lifelong adventure’; an adventure in which we are fortunate to have such an authoritative companion and guide.

CDA68271/2  149 minutes 41 seconds (2 discs)
‘While Hewitt’s stylish integrity, superb finger independence and deep feeling for the music’s roots in dance remains a constant, there’s now a greater level of interplay between hands, with added var ...
BBC Music Magazine
‘Hewitt’s playing is characteristically limpid, technically faultless, deeply intelligent and infectiously joyous. Her decades of experience playing this repertoire gives it a special patina; it glows ...