The Lily & the Rose
Adoration of the Virgin in sound and stone

A celebration of the Virgin Mary in sound and stone: following the success of its predecessor, ‘Music for the 100 Years’ War’, this release further explores the artistic parallels between music and alabaster sculpture in late medieval England.

CDA68228  72 minutes 47 seconds
‘The six adult male singers of The Binchois Consort under Andrew Kirkman perform on a very high qualitative level indeed … there are two excellent earlier recordings of Frye’s Mass Flos regali ...
‘The music is sheer delight. I could listen to it for hours on end in performances of this quality … those who know The Binchois Consort’s other recordings will need no urging to go for this late ...
‘The performances are of the highest quality … this is highly recommended to all’ (MusicWeb International)