Ribera: Magnificat quartus tonus I

The mutilation of the Toledo manuscript devoted to the works of Bernardino de Ribera deprived us of many of his works. The additional Magnificat recorded here, however, survives in a unique source at the Monastery of Guadalupe.

CDA68141D  10 minutes 23 seconds
‘Led by David Skinner and two-dozen strong, De Profundis sound robust and solemn rather than mournful, their all-male line-up a welcome change from today’s treble-dominated norm in larger ensembles ...
‘The sonorous voices of De Profundis perfectly suit the beguilingly opulent textures and expressive lines’ (The Sunday Times)
‘All but one of the 19 tracks on this disc are first recordings. It is incredible that so much early music has still to be rediscovered and championed … a very worthy undertaking resulting in an ...