Herrmann, Gershwin, Waxman & Copland
American chamber music

This programme features concert music by composers who also wrote film scores for Hollywood. While this was just one string to the considerable bows of Gershwin and Copland, Bernard Herrmann and Franz Waxman are best known for their music for Hitchcock films (Vertigo, North by Northwest, Marnie and Psycho for Herrmann; and Rebecca and The Paradine Case for Waxman). Centre stage is Gershwin’s Song-book, arranged by the composer for solo piano in order to present the songs ‘as George Gershwin plays them himself’.

CDA68094  75 minutes 36 seconds
‘Charmingly pastoral in a style that dates back almost a century, beautifully played here’ (Gramophone)
‘A fascinating and enjoyable selection, played with panache and style by top musicians’ (Classic FM)
Audiophile Audition, USA