Mozart: Concertos; Haydn: Sinfonia concertante

Mozart’s sublime Oboe Concerto and Bassoon Concerto (he wrote only one of each) are conjured into thrilling life by Arcangelo under the direction of Jonathan Cohen. In the Haydn Sinfonia concertante—written at the very zenith of the composer’s artistic popularity—four soloists combine with the orchestra in a spiral of theatrical competition.

CDA68090  57 minutes 42 seconds
‘Here [Haydn's Sinfonia concertante] is enterprisingly coupled with two of Mozart's earlier woodwind concertos on a recording that's a bit of a winner … you sense the fun they have with the music ...
BBC Music Magazine
‘Cohen's lively incorporation of authentic performance practices hits just the right tone, and the soloists throughout are exceptional’ (Classic FM)