Jacquet of Mantua: Missa Surge Petre & motets

Jacquet of Mantua is not a household name. Even in the sixteenth century he was routinely mixed up with other composers of similar (or even not-that-similar) names. But his music is quite apart, as this new recording makes abundantly clear: melodic lines of audacious scope and a textural variety rarely equalled make this music a treasurable discovery, and one which The Brabant Ensemble’s performances greatly enrich.

CDA68088  76 minutes 33 seconds
‘This is a weighty, substantial work, reminiscent of Gombert in its concentration. Just as impressive are the motets, ambitious pieces displaying considerable variety’ (Gramophone)
BBC Music Magazine
‘The performances are all that we have come to expect of The Brabant Ensemble and Stephen Rice … with very good recording … and notes of the usual Hyperion high quality, lovers of sixteenth- ...