Beethoven: Piano Sonatas Opp 2/2, 10/1, 78 & 110

Angela Hewitt has been much praised in her earlier recordings of Beethoven’s piano sonatas—displaying ‘exquisite taste’—and now turns her ‘uncluttered clarity of thought and inspired structural pacing’ to four more works spanning the composer’s career. As ever, Angela’s accompanying notes provide fascinating insights into both the music and her performances.

CDA68086  76 minutes 1 seconds
‘This fifth volume, for the most part, offers interpretations characterised by intelligent virtuosity and cultivated artistry … obviously [Angela Hewitt's] long experience with Bach is an asset h ...
BBC Music Magazine
‘Hewitt's detailed and helpful sleeve notes demonstrate her superb attention to the details of every moment of these four works, and the formidable intelligence with which she tackles them’ (Classic FM)