Compère: Magnificat, motets & chansons

The Orlando Consort’s third recording for Hyperion turns to the music of Loyset Compère, a composer the group first investigated some twenty years ago. In the intervening decades musicological goal-post shifting has elevated our composer from also-ran outsider to something of a trailblazer, the wonderfully complex Magnificat recorded here, for example, now being thought to predate the masterworks of Josquin by some fifteen years. A gorgeous selection of motets and chansons further charts this period of radical musical experimentation.

CDA68069  68 minutes 20 seconds
‘The Orlando Consort take the brave step of focusing almost exclusively on [Compère's] songs [which] are … very exposing of a singer’s technique: there really is nowhere to hide … this proje ...
BBC Music Magazine
‘The Orlando Consort—just four male singers—deliver with poise a Magnificat composed in Milan and a varied sequence of effective French chansons’ (The Sunday Times)