Galilei (V): The Well-tempered Lute
Vincenzo Galilei's Saltarello primo

The modern sequence of keys had yet to be invented when Vincenzo Galilei set out to traverse them all—well over a century before Bach’s seminal ‘Well-tempered Clavier’. The resulting demands on the sixteenth-century lutenist are ferocious, and Žak Ozmo here fully rises to the challenge in their first recording.

CDA68017  63 minutes 3 seconds
‘This latest release from Žak Ozmo again demonstrates the London-based lutenist and conductor’s searching intellect and wry imagination … beautiful, fluent playing as a whole’ (Gramophone)
BBC Music Magazine
‘This disc invites us constantly to reassess and realign our expectations … there are obviously considerable technical challenges of which Ozmo’s meticulous execution seems to make light … t ...