Tomášek: Songs

Václav Jan Křtitel Tomášek wrote numerous songs and short piano pieces, genres in which his works predate those of his rather more famous near contemporary Franz Schubert by some years. Quite why they are so neglected today is a mystery as this enthralling new album from Renata Pokupić and Roger Vignoles unfolds twenty-eight songs of a rare appeal. Perhaps we should not be surprised: Tomášek was one of the very few composers of Goethe settings to meet with the great poet’s (relatively) undivided approval.

CDA67966  61 minutes 19 seconds
‘If Tomášek’s songs, like Mozart’s, are probably best enjoyed a handful at a time, the Pokupić-Vignoles duo, and Susan Youens’s stimulating booklet essay, make an eloquent case for their revival’ (Gra ...
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