Vivaldi: Cello Concertos

Vivaldi wrote more cello concertos (twenty-eight, at the last count) than anyone else to date. This exciting new recording presents six works by the Italian master and one particularly fine concerto whose attribution is in question; all seven are wonderful examples of the form to which Vivaldi continually returned throughout his long composing career.

Vivaldi is not known to have been a cellist, but his interest in the instrument can be ascribed to a distinguished list of virtuosic performers at the Pietà, the Venetian orphanage whose musical prowess was the envy of contemporary Europe. Vivaldi himself worked for the institution for some years, continuing to supply fresh compositions long after other engagements took him further afield.

Jonathan Cohen is a young British cellist, rapidly developing a versatile reputation for sensitive and accomplished performance across a range of genres. His mellifluous interpretations of these concertos are a joy of hear—if his name is new, this disc will surely convince a wider audience of an astonishing talent. Accompaniment is provided by Robert King and The King’s Consort, acknowledged leaders in the interpretation of Vivaldi.

CDA67553  72 minutes 34 seconds
‘Cohen combines an easy and soulful tone with incisive precision and agility’ (Gramophone)
‘Cohen is an expressive player with a feeling for articulate phrasing who responds readily to the poetry of slow movements … the King's Consort under Robert King's direction from the harpsichord ...
‘The playing … is first rate—phrases are beautifully wrought and each of the works is given a distinctive flavour. This is a recital to savour!’ (Early Music Review)