London Pride
A celebration of London in song

This delightful cabaret recital owes its origin to a Spitalfield’s Festival concert, when Catherine Bott enchanted an audience with a whistle-stop tour of the capital in song. The programme has subsequently brought delight around the country as a whole, and is now available for all to hear.

From Noel Coward to William Walton, from Mayfair to the Isle of Dogs, there is something here to bring a tear of reminiscence to anyone who has ever cared about London.

CDA67457  71 minutes 46 seconds
‘Bott can transform herself from robust campanologist in Walton's Rhyme to high camp in Kit and the Widow's irresistible Wimbledon Idyll; from folk singer for Ewan MacColl's Sweet Tha ...
‘Listen to what Bott and Norris make of the Gershwin standard A Foggy Day and you'll believe that the age of miracles hasn't passed!’ (International Record Review)
‘Best of all is the Joyce Grenfell number, Joyful Noise, putting her own delicious slant on a number one would have thought no one but Joyce Grenfell could bring off’ (The Guardian)